Metal and Composite Bats?  No problem... BATWAX™ can help!

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Metal and Composite Bats? No problem... BATWAX™ can help!

It's been brought to our attention by one of our customers that the market doesn't provide grip-enhancement products for softball players, nor baseball players that use metal and composite bats.  "What?! Nothing at all?!"  We were shocked, to say the least!  That's a large number of players with no options.  

Then it occurred to us, we've spent a lot of time talking about our TARWAX™ so we've probably not focused enough on our BATWAX™.  Our BATWAX™ works for all bat types.  Baseball, Softball, wood, metal, or composite, BATWAX™ works for all of it.  It always works great for tape, rubber, or other grip add-ons you might be using.  It scrapes right off when you're done.

Since we realize there's a need for softball players, as well as baseball players, we'll be officially update our site soon to reflect our desire to serve the softball market.  So head on over to our store, whether it's wood, metal, or composite, and get your 2BWax products today!


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