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Leather conditioner: Then and Now

So, we here at 2Bwax have been doing a lot of research on leather conditioners in an effort to provide you all the best possible products.  You'd be surprised at what's out there.  You guys ever heard of "saddle soap" or something similar?  I didn't at first but here's the breakdown:

Saddle soap used to be touted and the number one method for cleaning and caring for leather.  I say used to be because it turns out that it can actually be very detrimental to the leather.  Alkalies actually make the leather hard and over time it cracks and deteriorates. 

Oil and water became the new standard for cleaning and caring for leather.  Yea, that's all well and good but what's the downside?  The fact that it takes at least 24 hours to properly clean it?  Yea, that's annoying.

You can read more about it here, or instead, you can buy our amazing leather glove conditioner.  Yea, we know we make it for gloves but it's just leather.  You can use it on anything.  I use it on my shoes and it works great.  Check it out!

Leather shoes with 2B's all natural leather conditioner applied.  Before and After

Buy some and try it today.  


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