Pine Tar and BATWAX together in harmony

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Pine Tar and BATWAX together in harmony

I assume you guys have seen our latest Facebook post but just in case you haven't, you should know we've created something new.  Something special.  Something that we were asked to create by an up and coming MLB player to be named later.

What is it?  Well..... It's our famous all-natural BatWax with Pine Tar.  We're calling it TarWax! 

We never had the intention of making such a product, contrary to what some people would have you believe, but who are we to argue with the pros?  Since it's making our competitors stew with anger, maybe we should make it a product for public consumption.  What do you think?  Comment on our blog to let us know.

Our TarWax is specially formulated not to stain and goes on clean and smooth.  As usual, 4 formulas to choose from from Arctic to Desert, from the Diamondback to the Red Sox, we got you covered.  

You guy want to try some of our TarWax?  Yes?  I'm sorry I can't hear you....  Good!  Stay tuned to our blog for details on our TarWax giveaway.

2BWax and Pine tar.  Still all-natural and stickier than ever!  TARWAX!  Email us for more information!


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